Hi guys and girls im new to this forum so thought i had better say hello.. I have just purchase a 2001 e46 330d touring in silver with msport front bumper and mv3 alloys fitted, i purchased it of a friend who has had the car for a few years and very well maintained it, with excellent service history. As i work for essex turbo im very familiar with the engines so i have rebuilt the turbo changed the breather blanked of the egr cleaned the inlet manifold and fitted swirl flap blanking plates and did a full service with all fluids and filters.. I really like the car its a joy to drive and quite impressive for its size it has been mapped by celtic tuning a couple of years ago, anyway ive wrote this post as mine sits high on the front and was thinking of lowering just the front as the rear sits fine but am wondering how much to lower it on the front as i was thinking 40 or 50 mm but am not sure how its going sit. So would appreicate your suggestions and comments.. Oh and the rear drivers calliper stuck on on the way home tonight so have also got that to do lol..