I have browsed these forums on numerous occasions but not posted until now.
I have owned a 2002 320i auto, and just sold my 2003 320d for a 2006 330d which I pick up at the weekend.
Up to a few weeks ago I used the 320d for general commute and had a supra TT for the weekend.
Unfortunately, I felt I was not able to use its performance so much these days and the economy made it too expensive to use as a regular drive so after much thought decided the best compromise out there had to be a BMW 330d.
I drove a few and have to say I was amazed at how quick they feel and yet how comfortably four passengers can travel with excellent economy.
It's the first time in many years that I am actually quite excited bout picking up my new car.
Anyway, that's my story and I hope to post more now I am a fully joined member.