Hello folks, just joined the forum. Im currently driving my first ever bmw and have used some of the threads on the forum for little fixes and information so thought id join and see if i can help anybody out. My lovely pride and joy is a 2000 e36 318tds compact in black sapphire with red leather interior. This is my first rear wheel drive car and it feels like ive just had a limb reattatched. I dont just drive for necessity i drive sometimes for pure pleasure.

I come from a family of petrol heads who all love cars and bikes but we all particularly like our german cars. The majority of stuff ive driven has come from the vag group and i have to say theyve all been a pleasure to drive but the wee compact is soo much more involving and responsive (not really powerwise but still in a good way). Im just sorry its taken me soo long to get a bmw.

Anyway heres a little picture of the motor.


Anyways. Hi