Hello from a new 525d m sport owner.


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  1. Hello from a new 525d m sport owner. 
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    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the whole forums advice. I bought a 525d m sport this week from Colchester, I flew down from Scotland to get it as it was the best one I could find with the spec I wanted. Well after scanning this forum I was made aware of the swirl flap issue and it turns out that PMW was 20 minutes away in Chelmsford so got the job done by them the next morning. I could have done the job myslef I think but the chap I spoke to offered to give the car a once over too so I thought why not. I just wanted to post that I would fully recommend them. They charged me £180 which included 2 hours labour, the 6 blanks I needed and they checked the car over. I have a small coolant leak from the thermostat hose which they pointed out(sorting that tomorrow) so they even topped up the coolant. The guy behind the desk was more than willing to chat about any other issues I should keep an eye on generally, like changing auto gearbox oil at 100000 miles, he recommends doing that event hough it costs a few hundered quid. Just a really good, friendly and helpful bunch of guys who want to look after your car and not just rack up the bill.
    I dont know if this is common knowledge, maybe it is on here but he also said that this swirl flaps weren't actually made by bmw, they were made by a third party who made the intake manifold as a whole with the flaps in. I'm still at a loss as to why BMW would still accept this design for years on end though. Anyhow, my car had the plastic flaps in and it turns out they plastic edges were starting to go hard which apparently can damage the engine as much as the screws if they fail. The jobs done now though so worry free motoring for me. Thanks again.bmw.jpg

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    The swirl flap issue is not a problem on your model although some people still remove them, the main problem with the later flaps is leaking oil and the blanks stop that. PMW tend to over egg the swirl flap situation for there own profit, the pictures they are show are not the actual failure mode, the main cause is the shaft breaking at the first screw, the screws are peaned so can't fall out. Once you get to know the auto industry you would realise that 90% of most cars are made by a third party, BMW simply design and assemble them.

    Yes definitely get the auto box oil changed at 100k, it is expensive because you need special oil and a new sump/filter as the filter is built in, but certainly worth it.

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