Hi, I'm 52 and have bought my first BMW. I have probably owned close to 500 cars in my lifetime, as I once dabbled in car buying at auctions when I was in my twenties. I have been a driving instructor for the last 10 years and on a daily basis, I see 'stereotypical' BMW owners riding a few inches from my rear bumper, even though we will be at the maximum speeds for whatever roads we are on. I think this is why it's taken me so long to buy a BMW; the image that has ben created by some of the morons that drive these cars. However...I also run a business selling and fitting vertical blinds in my local area, and needed an estate car. My wife has a back injury and can only drive an auto, so I went looking on Ebay and found the car that I have just bought. 180 mile drive home on the M3, M25, A1(M), A1 at 70'ish plus rural roads yesterday in the hot weather and the 1.8 petrol automatic did 39.5 mpg. Full service history including original bill of sale (£21, 732.99). I paid £626 for the car. In February it had 4 new tyres billed at £303 so considering it has 6 months tax and mot, I think I've done ok. Just need to sort the air-con (blocked filter I guess as airflow is almost zero). Look forward to learning what I can, and helping if I'm able.

John K.