Hello all , stumbled across the forum after googling Dsc & Brake lights .. Guess it won't be a shock to hear that judging by my results in a google search .

From Shetland where we do not have a bmw dealer , why I bought the E90 after the hassles I have had with coding and my R53 mini I don't know . The E90 is the missus car , bought it earlier this year as the family car . Already had an issue with poor starting in the damp , and now the dsc lights , lucky it is a nice car as I have got rid for more minor offences in the past !

I am in next Monday to get it plugged in at a local garage who is pretty good with germans , I am guessing it is going to be a dsc repair kit , I have torque for android , it is not finding any fault codes , I guess they are deeper rooted than it can see .