Hi Everyone,

i am new to this forum (obviously) but not to bmw's. In the past i have had a couple of 325i E30's and an E32 750 although those were many years ago.

i have just got a new job where i do a bit of travelling, not too much and recieve 45p for every mile i do now i know the sensible thing to do is get an economical car and make money out of the petrol allowance, but, i have a real hankering for an e38 740 !

this itch isnt going away and i reckon i might have to scratch it lol. i have done a little research into mpg and such like and also noted the 4.4 is recomended over the 4.0

well thats the reason for joining up, to do a bit more research, any advice on the e38 will be gladly accepted

thanks in advance