Hi guys.

New to this forum, and new to the BMW world.

The name is Ruben and im not jewish but from Denmark

Been a big fan of retro cars over the years, and have owned quite a few. Owning a E21 has been a dream of mine for some time now, and all of a sudden the chance came

I have had several Opel´s both Manta, Ascona and a Monza wich i was very fond of. I also owned a Volvo 145 turbo, a VW Derby Mk1 and a Fiat 127 mk2.

The old cars i own i often style, but with the outmost respect for the original car. The B series Manta´s has been very modified, where the A series cars weren´t. The Monza was only lowered, engine swap and tuned, and it got some big wide BBS wheels..

As i am new to BMW´s i hope to get alot of tips and tricks from the users on this forum