Hi there, new member from Essex. Thought i'd better introduce myself!

I've just bought a 1996 E36 328i Sport Coupe.. in fact actually i've had it for about 3 months! Plan for it is to have fun, do some track days and drift days. Previously i've been limited to drift days as the Nissan 200SX's i've had were too tail happy!

I also currently own a 320 Diesel E46 Compact for battling around in everyday, I absolutely love it! I had a 330 Coupe before that. Now i've had a couple I can honestly say I swear by these cars and BMW in general, brilliantly built! (Compared to what i've had before anyway!)

Heres the 36 when I bought it, Genuine Sport MTECH Manual, Half Leather, Simota Carbon intake, M50 manifold, M3 eccentric FLA bushes and HIDS, factory example other than that.

The car has been hidden away in my workshop for some time now and just driven it today, feels great! Can't wait to get to some track days!

Here is my project thread:

1996 328i Sport Coupe - Track/Drift/Fun beast!