Hi folks.

I'm a Jag owner who has decided to try BMW for a change. I love the Jag styling, and have always hated BMW interior and exterior design, but the Jag models I can afford all have slightly too much Ford in them and it shows. Crappy switchgear, costcutting designs, and creaks/rattles galore. Ironically in the last year or so Jag build quality and switchgear has improved remarkably, but I still don't want to pay £30k for a nearly new one! On the other hand, BMW's styling has really come on spurred on by the threat from the beautiful interiors of the XF and new XJ.

I'm familiar with BMW's as my partner has owned many. He's a bit of a wheeler dealer and has moved from a 2001 e39 530i to a 2007 635d Sport just by trading.

I've just bought my first BMW and boy is there a story to it, check it out at the link below but bring your reading glasses. An epic saga of courage, betrayal and wanton recklessness.

2005 750Li saga - adventures buying a non runner