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  1. Hello All, New BMW owner here! 
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    Hello Everyone,

    I have just ventured into the world of BMW ownership and I can say that I’m very happy so far. A little introduction first me thinks…………..

    I have always been a fan of classic cars and have had quite a few in my time, mainly old fords. Easy to work on and parts are cheap. My last classic was this….

    She was a MK4 1979 Cortina but with a bit of an unusual heart. Originally it had a 2.3 auto, that got pulled out and a 2.8 manual was put in. That went bang a few years ago and I decide to put a 2.9 24V Cosworth engine in her from a 1996 ford Scorpio. Boy did she go, 240BHP, rear wheel drive with no diver aids. Well this was all good said and done but having got a new job and needing to do a lot of miles I needed something with just as much poke (for those open roads) but with a better MPG of about 18. The quest began. I have always liked the look of the E46 and some of these have been within my budget. So unfortunately the Cortina had to go, not unfortunately though I found this…

    It does have high mileage but has been well looked after with a service history and you couldn’t tell its nearly on 135k! So more about the car… its an 03 plate 330D M sport with lots n lots of trimmings. Such as;

    Auto Xenon headlights
    Auto wipers
    Folding heated mirrors
    Full leather
    Harmon Kardon sound system
    Cruse control
    CD player
    Tyre pressure monitors

    There are a few things I’m going to do to her over the next few weeks such as;

    Clean the EGR valve
    Replace the oil/air and fuel filters
    Remove the swirl flaps
    Clean the inlet manifold
    Replace all fluids (engine, gearbox, diff, PS, coolant)

    There are a couple of things wrong with it but I can fix these over time as they are not important. One of the parking sensors isn’t clicking so he needs to go. The boot release handle above the number plate has stopped working but the key fob does. It has recently had new tyres and the tyre pressure monitor is showing a warning light. They’re not low or flat so either the battery has gone or they haven’t put the right valve back in. All these issues aren’t really important to me and can be fixed over time so some nice little jobs to keep me busy. All in all I’m a happy man and cant knock the performance of the 3.0l diesel in these motors, they sure do pull some.

    Anyhows hope you all like the car and I look forward to being a member on this forum.

    Cheers, George.

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    Hi and welcome

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