I am new to the forums but have been reading through and some great advice in here.

I am currently saving up for a new car, and hope to have 3.5 - 4 grand to spend. I absolutley love the e46 3 series and thought it would be out of my price range/ insurance cost (im 26). I was delighted when I descovered that for my budget I could get a 320d and afford to run/insure it......

Then I saw all of the problems on here about the engine in these and decided for the saving in fuel it wasn't worth it (I do 10,000 miles a year, mainly b roads and country lanes with occasional motorway trips) an would go for a 318i instead.....

The only trouble is I am now reading about all sorts of costly problems with these engines and that the 6 pot is much better so am wondering if it is slightly underpowered and not as reliable as I thought, the thing is I can't afford the insurance on a 320i or 325i as it is a huge jump (500 ish).

If I buy a 318i for about 3.5k with around 60,000 on the clock and FSH will I end up regretting it?

Should I do the unthinkable and get something like a golf gti and wait untill I am older and can get insured on a bigger engined BM?

Thanks in advance for any advice.