Hello all,

Abit about me i live in essex, and have for my past 2 cars owned bmw's first was a bmw e46 318 n52 and had problem after problem with the car so sold it on,

I then went to a brand new fiesta company car and well you can imagine my thoughts.

I have recently purchased a bmw e36 318is coupe and i can say i love the car to bits. Being only 20 inlike a car that likes to be drive and it dors exactly that the car was brought with a lsd and the wok that i need to do is replace disks and pads.

The car will be tracked at some point as i will be buying a second car for reliability.

I was thinking of your thoughts on either making an engine swap or stripping the car and what would you do? I know i will be told not to bother buy a 325 or 328 but this car was very very cheap and would like to keep the budget low if possible.

I look forwards to hearing from all of you out there also does this forum have regular meets in the country?