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    Morning all, haven't really been on here in a while as i haven't had a BMW in about 5 months..as I had problems with my last purchase..

    But as of Thursday I got another one! - It's nothing special, it's only an E36, but already i prefer it to my past E46s..

    Heres a couple of pictures.. (Sorry if they don't work)

    Yes the M3 badge has already come off! - Shes really just an old 320i! - Can't get enough of the engine sound!

    Over the moon with her, Rarely seen any alpine white coupes myself! - & shes only on 78000! Considering i'm the same age as the car, she certainly has aged better then me aswell! :\ :P - Honestly can't believe how well she drives for an old car but i guess she has covered f**k all!

    I was proper fussy over spec (obc/climate control etc) which this dosen't have, but i purely just chose it over looks, theres a few things it's missing but for the money i paid and her age i'm not to bothered, I originally had my heart set on a 328i sport, but this example had just blown all the 328s i'd seen out of the water! & this was only local!

    Got some plans for her soon!

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