Hello there, i would like to say its great to be here i hope to absorb all the knowledge thrown at me and i might be in a position to give some but we shall see hahaha.

I took ownership of my first BMW this week i paid £400 for this E36 318is which needs a little love and attention.

It will take me a day or 2 to get around to actual dong stuff to it, today's job is to get into the engine bay as i suspect one of the release cables snapped but the pull lever in the car still feels attached to something. I need to fix it so i can get in to fix the fan blower, sure the resistor has gone in this as well LOL. Cheap car problems hahaha.

I will start preparing a build thread for it as soon as i have collected some pictures here is a picture of my last car i built this up from a scrap car and sold it last week which saddend me a lot but i hope the BMW will be a good replacement