Hello all,

New member here, from Northampton with my first BMW.

I was a keen VW enthusiast, for many years, however, I have had a BMW itch which I really needed to strach. I have been driving BMW's at work for some time, so I knew how good they were, many friends had switched to BMW's over the years, and commented are there personal experiences which were good.

I needed a new car, and I wanted an estate (touring) to fit my lifestyle (Moutain biking, dogs, etc....) so a good time to strach that itch.

I had a very specific criteria after doing my research, to cut a long story short, I wanted an E91 320d M Sport.

After travelling quite some distance to look as cars which were not as described, I managed to find exactly what I wanted only 30 miles away in Peterborough.

2006, Sparkling Graphite Grey, 320d M Sport. Everything as described, all checked out, and got it for a good price.

I have owned it for around two months, and what a difference to my old VW's. I can't see myself having anything else anytime soon.

I look forward to speaking with you all in turn.

Excuse the horrible iphone pictures.

Messing around with the DSLR