Hi there... Pete from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Thought I'd introduce myself seeing as Im spending more and more time here learning about my BMW.
I bought my first (used) BMW 18 months ago - a very sexy looking 1995 E36 M3 328i Coupe and Im just loving it!
Being a newbie owner I really didnt know a lot about the car I bought (except that I liked the shape.... and that being a RED one it naturally goes faster ) - Right??

Anyway I discovered a couple of faults recently that I have since learned are known quirks for the E36.
The first lesson I learned was "Always take the key out of the ignition before refuelling". The fuel guage constantly reads empty and the OBC range is zero . I popped into the local BMW service centre and was told "OOOoooo son.... you'll need to replace the fuel sensors and recallibrate the computer blah-de-blah". After doing a search here I found an easy fix (fuse 43 or 31 reset) that should cure the problem. Im really looking forward to trying that trick..... when I get my car back from the shop after I discovered my second quirk last week..... "Never leave the ignition on in your car and have the battery go flat". After I had recharged the battery and refitted it to the car it powered everything up but wouldnt start the car. Again... another call to the mechanic and he came and took a look and promptly said that it needed to go into the shop for diagnostics. Anyway... after the second day I rang the mechanic and he told me that there was an imobiliser problem and that they would have to take it out and reset it and that it would cost about NZ$800 <shrugs..... like I said, Im a newbie>. I said give me a couple of hours and I would get back to him and I rang the BMW specialist who said that all I need is a new key as the transponder in the key was not communicating with the immobiliser... would cost me about NZ$140. You guessed it, I rang the Mechanic back and told him to order a new key and that I would be in with the paperwork (damned rogues). A quick search of your forum here confirmed that fault as well.

So.... thank you Bimmerforums. You will always be my first port of call for any BMW faults I pick up.