hi all,
Im new to this forum after recently buying my first bmw and im after some info and tips. I have a 330d E46 2003 msport auto with 112k miles on the clock.
I love the car it drives well the only thing is the mpg gauge, it never really changes much from 28mpg even on the motorway :(, and after reading I should expect 35mpg on average I feel mine is not performing correctly.

Is there any tips or things (apart from not having a heavy right foot haha) I can do to improve this? I have it booked in for a service next week which im hoping will help. I've been reading a lot about remapping but there are a lot of conflicting stories and the fact that a auto box which I have can cope with the new increase in power and torque and could possibly need a new gearbox after 25k mile, I am stuck and need some advice, please help

thanks marc