Hi, Been reading loads of posts on this forum
For a while and found everyone to be very helpful so thought id ask you guys/lasses for some

Im currently 23 years old and own a 118D M Sport 61 (1 of the very last of the E87's) in Le Mans Blue in
Which i have had for nearly a year now. I love it all be it with a few problems:

1: Main electrical loom routed next to the exhaust and burnt through the loom at 12 months old so wasnt happy with that but My local BMW garage had it up and running in less than 5 days (after ordering the loom from germany)

2: Gearbox was tempermental of going into reverse at around 14 months old and like above my local dealer was happy to replace it under warranty.

The reason ive posted is due to im wanting to upgrade to 1 of the following 123d, 125i or 130i to get more power by dilemma is i only eo 13k miles a year and travel around 16 miles to work. In which around 4 miles is motorways and rest is mixed town and a roads. I currently get around 45/50mpg with sensible driving and the occasinal heavy footed driving. Which 1 will be most cost effective