Just saying hi.

I've been reading the forum for a while & be figured it was about time I said hello. I've been looking for the right car since November time, thanks for all the great advice etc that's here, it's made sure I got a peach of a car. I got a grey 330d touring, I've had it for about a month now & I'm pleased as punch with it :-) My last car was no slouch, but this thing is in a different league!

It's a 54 plate, pretty standard outside (lowered) with a perfect black interior. I've stuck in some LED indicator bulbs & sidelights, I'm hunting for some projector headlamps now.

The only other thing I want to change is the cd player, and it's the business unit and I'm pretty disappointed with how it sounds, probably change the speakers too. Other than these 2 tiny things its perfect.

So, thanks for all the tips & what not, I'll stick up a picture or 2 when it's all washed this weekend.

Vive la resistance!