Hello there, I'm Nik (not hard to work that one out lol)

Just a quick hello, always wanted a Bimmer, caught the bug from my dad's new X1, which isn't a true BMW in some peoples eyes as it's a crossover, but I like it! I currently drive a lovely Skoda Octavia which is heavily modified, and I do love it - but had a big change in my life (lost 17 stone!) and I decided, it's time to treat myself to a car I've dreamt of all my life! I did look at Z4s, but they're a bit too small for me as an only car, as I have a mountain bike and a lot of stuff like cameras and equipment I carry, so I'm looking for a really really late, clean low mileage E39 530i MSport saloon The car i've lusted after for many years now...

So I hope to become a regular poster here, and become engaged with the BMW community and lifestyle!

Anyways, i've bored you enough now !