Hello everyone,

I hope this well renowned forum can help.

I recently (6 months ago) bought a gorgeous E92 335i convertible, 2007 model with 55,000 miles on the clock.

I have gradually noticed a rattle coming from the top of the dash and base of the windscreen area. This only happens at speeds above approx 70 miles per hour and is particular more prominent on windy days, especially carriageway cross winds. The rattle does not take place at lower speeds or across bumpy road surfaces and therefore I have suspected the noise is affected by air flow/aerodynamics.

I have cleared out old leaves from the vents, removed them from air box coming in from the area of the wipers and it is all ok. I have also removed the padding from the underside of the bonnet, in case that was vibrating, but still the noise is apparent.

Does anyone know what I can try next, what the fault might be please?

Thank you in anticipation.