hi all i am new to the site and would love to share my living nightmare i have a 2004 e61 525d and last week the remote locking started playing up the car will lock by remote but not unlock and the radio was reset everytime the ignition was switched on interior lights staying on until manualy turned off. ok i have read loads of forums and headed straight for the diversity antenna cleaned it up no signs of water put it back on and no joy. off to bmw £210.00 later arrived home eager to get this fault nailed no no no no still not working. stripped the wiring loom through the speaker hole 1 x cable broken repaired the cable put everything back together and bingo locked unlocked locked no go again tried to initialize the key by key in ignition turn on then off hold down the lock button and press unlock 3 times which does nothing at all. so to round up i have repaired a broken cable new diversity antenna can make any suggestions apart from torching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!