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    Hi All,

    "PDC Faliure"
    I've had this message for a couple of weeks and I suspect this to be a faulty sensor.

    This is what I've tried so far
    I have tried leaving the ignition on, PDC on, put my ear close to each sensor for a faint clicking noise - don't hear any thing.
    I have checked the PDC control unit for water etc. but it's all nice and dry.
    I have disconnected and reconnected the PDC contronl unit - again no change.
    I bought a new sensor removed the rear bumper and tried switching all four of them with no joy.
    Finally bought a OBD cable from Cable-Shack did some diagnostics (INPA 5.0) and attached image is the only error message I get.

    I was really hoping that INPA would show me exactly which sensor had failed.

    Am I missing something here?

    The only thing that's left I guess is to swap the front sensors and the PDC control unit.

    Will INPA indicate if the PDC Control Unit had failed?

    Any advise much appreciated.

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    Hi Sam

    I have a same issue, 9e3b and still in the process of resolving it.
    As it says, it's not a sensor error but a power supply issue... maybe or may not.
    I transplanted mine to a different car to see if PDC module is fine and it worked with the other car.
    Working PDC from the other car was not working with mine..

    So, it really is not a convertr power supply issue in my case.

    Front bumper was removed for painting a month before PDC went bad.
    So, I removed front bumper to see all the connections are fine... and to my dismay..... I saw no no issue visually.
    However, I saw one end of connector was fixed(reinforced) with silicon. Someone might have damaged it repaired it... I suspect...
    So, I ordered and waiting a new set of front bumper cable to see if that solves a problem.
    Hopefully get this done sometimes next week.

    Checking "another harness to disconnect" will do no harm ...
    Check below link..
    Race Precision Forums • View topic - RPi M5 Oil Cooler Install Instructions

    If you're getting successful finding your problem... pls let me know :(

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