Hi guys

My names keith. And I am a self confessed petrol head. Love cars and anything even slightly related to cars. I work on oilrigs and also run a small workshop and website/webshop in my spare time supplying aftermarket parts and doing custom work and repairs on pretty much any cars.

just purchased a 2002 E46 touring. Needed a dog wagon and also a more conventional daily driver and also a little demo vehicle for the website. The Touring came up at the right price and in the right location so I went for it. Also have a serious need to dump one on its arse with the right wheels and some choice modifications.

Plans are to tidy it up and improve a few parts as it looks a little rough and has been neglected .

Already for a few aftermarket parts sitting or already on it so far

work so far

new wheel bearing
new wipers
new rear wiper motor
Sony CD player
custom fitted mats
new leather gear gaitor and handbrake gaitor (old ones were orange :O)

also sitting waiting to go on are

HSD coilovers
wheel bolt to wheel stud conversion
black grilles
smoked side repeaters

and im sure the list wont stop there.

Will get some pics next week once I'm back home.

Also drive a toyota Aristo. Basically an imported lexus GS300. But spent the last year converting it to a 6 speed manual(only one in uk,possibly europe) and extracting 567bhp from it with a 66mm turbo conversion.