hi there i was wondering if any can help me i was driving home acouple off weeks ago and decided to blip my throttle abit on 1st and 2nd gear and then a sudden quick shift to third on its own i thought i had an smg lol coz it was so fast then after alittle while later the car was hesitating going into 5th but it did ,the next morning drving the kids to school same thing but from 5th it down shifted it self to 4th in tiptronc mode (i always drive with tip) then from then on a cog apears and the car is in safe mode all through 1st 2n 3rd and 4th was all fine until 2weeks later today its got worse it wont let me shift to 4th now, i have a code reader when it first happend the code read gear monitoring 5 p0735 thats aweek ago now the code is gear monitoring 3 p0733 ive taken this to a tranny expert they dont feel the clucth is at fault coz it aint slipping or giving that code an dit aint the soniods coz no code they are puzzled too ive asked if it was a oil and filter problem they said it wont be and if it was there would be a fault in side for the oil to burn up so please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee