Hi all,
Am totally new to this site so was hoping some really nice person could point me in the right direction.
About a month ago i bought a 54 plate 320cd coupe (lovely lookin car) but while on my way home from buying the car the worst possible thing happened!!!!! The engine overheated and seized:(.
After stripping the engine down i found the internal bores were scored beyond a re-hone,
Am looking for a low mileage replacement engine for my new car that ive driven about 150miles in to date:(

Am led to believe the engine code is M47tud20 but i seem to get different codes all the time,
some guy thinks its a M47tu and another thinks its a M47N204D4?? confused!!
All i do know is its a 54plate with 150bhp.

Any one that can help will be my best friend forever
Cheers Nathan.