Hi everyone,
I have just bought myself an 01 318ci, 1.9 with slightly over 100k on it. I looked at quite a lot of cars before buying this one.Its not perfect but its an "honest" car.
I had a look on the forum for advice on what to look out for and it came in very useful. Fingers crossed, the only real fault i have is the drivers window regulator seems knackered.
No doubt, I'll come on other things in the future but all in all, i drove the car over 100 miles today with no incidents. Its no powerhouse but it;ll get there eventually and seems easy enough on fuel.
Its not my 1st BM as i've owned a couple of 318is coupes a few years ago and in fairness, they would eat this car alive but that might be my perception as its been a while.
I,m looking forward to getting stuck into it and getting to know what its made of.