hi everyone, my name is Tim and i'm from taunton. i love my bm's, started with a e30 325 (miss her soooo much) then went to a e36 coupe 318is, great car and then to e46 320d which was my modern love and it was pushin out about 180bhp till i wrote it off. dont like deer anymore unless its on my plate. i have now bought a e36 328i coupe, 97 plate. ive got some troubles though. GEAR CHANGE is a twat gottta get the revs right for a gear change and when it really plays up i have to switch off, put in gear and start again. when not in gear rev to about 2500rpm vibration travels though to cockpit but no miss fire. HOW DO I SORT THIS OUT FOR THE LEAST AMOUNT OF CASH? i have tools and am machainicly minded. oh its done 120k chiz