Hi All

New to the site but not to BM's. have had a couple of E46's [2000 320 convertible from new and 2002 325 touring] loved them both. wife and I have now bought a project car which we are going to do up over time. The car in question is a dark blue metalic 95 328 convertible [manual trans ]. Pretty much standard except for, fantastic condition m3 evo 'vader' interior [cream with blue piping], AC Schnitzer pedals, after market angel eyes, indicators and rear lights.
She is pretty tired [ the car ] so it will be quite a long term project. Pointers to links would be really appreciated on the following.

1 - Gear lever works like a pudding spoon. Have seen suggestion for fitting the following BMW parts -

BMW part numbers
25 11 7 527 252 Z3 shift lever
25 11 1 220 600 Lever Bush
25 11 220 379 Lower Spring Clip

Is there a guide for this ?

2 - Any guides for convertible roof fixes [ motors have no power to them, I have not fiddled with it yet ].

3 - M3 [Sunflower] wheels 7.5 and 8.5 x 17's - rough price guide for set . also what are widest tyres that can be fitted without any bodymods.

4 - Last thing for now, anything I should lookout for that could be a real problem with this year and spec of car.

Thanks in advance for any pointers. will post updates and pics as we progress