Hi fellow beemer freaks just joined and got a major problem with my 1989 bmw e30 318i. any help would be much appreciated sorry in advance for lack of grammer lol right to the point.The car basically feel's like it's running out of fuel starts fine ticks over abit rough it wont rev out it's just like its starving of fuel looses all power and the rev needle goes mental lol (all rev no action) and temp gauge jumps too. I filled it up with fuel last week and it went fine for 200 miles when it was getting below half it started again but not that bad.so filled it back up think there was probs crap in the tank but it's still the same but if I leave it for 10 mins it's fine again for about a mile lol and really at a loss and dont wanna buy a new fuel pump if i dont have to cause I've spent just over 1500 getting it though mot brand new exhaust springs thermostat water pump and oh yeh about £600 quid of welding (e30 bug lol )any help guys would be great has i really dont know had aa guy out and he spent a good 2 hours looking for a problem but said it's probably the fuel pump it's abit noisy cheers in advance sorry again for grammer and punctuation school was never my strong point lol