Hello everyone,

I used to read these forums an awful lot in my previous days as a E46 330Ci M-sport owner considering i had all the usual issues, radiator, expansion bottle, chewing through suspension parts, rust etc etc. So thank you if you ever wrote an article involving any of the E46's weak spots, I will have read it to death!

After a hiatus from BMW ownership (that 3 series was a waste of time and money in my humble opinion) I have spotted this beauty (potential beauty)

BMW E24 M635 csi » 4Star Trade

My question is: does anyone else thing this price is too good to be true? I.e. the body work will be much worse than the description suggests? Unlike the 3 series, I would be willing to put money into this car as I believe M635s are quite valuable these days and it would be the kind of car that's value would reflect the money/effort being put into it. I am not buying this as an investment, it will be my daily driver if i buy it but with that in mind, if it needs to go off the road for a while for a respray or what ever I will be willing to do that.

The ad states:

This M635 CSi is finished in Polaris silver paintwork which cleans up well. There is some light corrosion to be found on the bottom of the wheel arches and around the rear sills that will need work. There is also some suspect areas around the front wings but nothing that is visible as yet. Apart from these common problem areas the rest of the body remains in good condition and with a full respray and some remedial work in the usual areas this would make a fantastic example.

Could anybody give me a worst case scenario as what cost this may be? I suppose a full respray with work on the sils and arches at £3k-£5k and 2X£400 for front wings?? The plan would be buying the car soon (based on how positive you guys are) doing some work to keep corrosion at bay for a year or so then get stuck into resprays etc next summer.

Sorry to blither on but I would love a 6er and this one looks amazing. I just would like some more experienced people to have a look. Also I havnt managed to see the car yet as it is in London and I am in the North East. Its a long way to travel if the general consensus is avoid like the plague!