Pretty funny, I just found my old introduction thread..

4 Years later and i still owning an E39, This is my fourth.. After an ' 98 525TDS Saloon, a '99 530D, a 98 525TDS Wagon and now finally a 2001 520D i still love this car. Every E39 i have bought had mechanical and electrical problems and i managed to fix them all... I think i can call myself an E39 (diesel) expert.

Front suspension, brake system, clutch pumps, replaced engine, exhaust pipes, airbag problems, abs problems, Turbo cleaning and replacement, MAF upgrades (pierburg), Recondition and Painting leather, Air intake cleaning, EGR, Intercooler, Aux Install with nothing more than a cable and a blank cd in the cd changer, Fuel pump problems in the tank, Oil leakage, crack in oil sump fix, waterpump, oil filter housing, breather, Interior mod for placing an aftermarket radio together with the OBC multidisplay, Vinyl wrapping interior trims and many many more tings I all did by myself with the help of this Forum, Realoem, TIS and most important, My Two right hands

I am four years to late, but i want to keep my promise of posting pictures

Best time of my life - 6 Month Exchange period in Lisbon, Portugal along with my 530D, that is where i fell in love with this car

My Current E39, A 520D Facelift 136HP. I bought this car and replaced the engine as the crankshaft was broken. I have never seen a dirtier car. Used an industrial carpet cleaner to suck everything out. Found 40 euro's change, chocolate, coffee stains, etc ,etc
I had the whole interior out. Seats, Dashboard, everything.

Leather Repainting

Soldered a AUX cable to the left/right/ground coming from the CD changer. Used a blank CD, worked as a charm. No expenses !

I moved the worn out leather to the passenger seat and had the interior trims wrapped by silver vinyl with relief like small wire.

Headlight restoration

Of Course new Angel Eyes. 12,5 Watt per side. 4 Cree Led's per eye.

Changed Steering wheel

Always something to do. Last thing changed: New MAF Pierburg 09 ! I would suggest all BMW owners to get this MAF! Simply Amazing!


Latest Mod - Today - 25 May 2013. After my original CD player broke, decided to buy an Sony CDX GT26 with Orange (Amber) light. Wanted to also have the OBC in. This is the result, not pleased yet.. Thinking about spraying them Black matte next weekend, the only thing i had at home was glossy :-P

Anyway, These are just a few things i did but one thing i know for certain, i am going to keep this car a long long time =D