Hie guys. My name is Nzuzo and am new to the forum. Been having problems with my 2002 320d e46. It just cut out while driving and hasnt been able to start since. If you spray quick start it only iddles for as long as the quick start fumes can last. I have changed the high pressure sensors and it still wont start. I removed the feed from the diesel pump to the fuel rail, started the car anf diesel only drips, and I concluded that I dont have enough pressure being pushed from the pump to the injectors. Could this be an airlock problem or a faulty pump. The machine only pointed to the high pressure sensor which I have changed. If it is the pump, could I please have a step by step guide to removing it, because I dont have the special tool to hold the timimg in place. And if it is an air lock, how do I bleed it? Thank you in advance fellow bimmers.