Back in the bimmer club after a few years away and always fancied a convertible so took the plunge and went for a 02 330Ci after reading various opinions on the forum. I have to say I am really happy with the car (not the weather) and am loving the car. Big engine + Auto = easy, fun driving, the rag top is easy to use and waterproof!

I have updated the car with a new Kenwood head unit which now gives me full bluetooth link to my iphone plus it's music and massively improves the sound just using the original speakers which now sound full and clear (with a little eq'ing). I have be-badged her and put a new shiny set of alloys on that have totally transformed the car and IMO giving in a modern facelift.

The car came well spec'd with auto xenons and auto wipers (nice), heated seats (very important with leather) plus the usual BMW fare

I have been giving the paintwork and good seeing too, touching up stone chips and small marks and have cleaned and given the roof a recolour and reproofing. The car came to me in good condition and low millage (54000) for its age so I am now looking to get her looking as good as possible and enjoy the fresh air!

Here she is in a nice location :-)