I wasnt going to bother as most newbies have no replies back (freindly bunch u lot) but thought i might aswell break the ice i joined up sometime last year to sell my 1st ever bmw a nice silver e46 318 coupe 2001 plate to replace it with my 2nd a 2002 silver e46 330ci convertible 80k miles with only 1 owner (always a pleasure to drive past dull faced coupe drivers stuck in traffic on a hot sunny day looking at me like i wish my roof went back too..lol). Even though i love the 330 ive lately been considering other cars to buy (i usually only keep a car 12 months because i get bored easy ) but it seems for less than 10k theres not much the same to offer really unless i buy another and my 3rd bmw (hooked or what)

E60 630 or 645 coupe or convertible
E46 M3 convertible
E92 330 or 335 petrol or 335d

all on my to do list but still undecided what bmw 3 will be