Hi All,

I'm 19 and have started to explorer the world of cars, I currently drive an MG ZR but I now have my years no claims and my insurance has dropped a lot. I have been looking for a VXR but I honestly don't think I could be trusted.... This is where a 3 series comes into it's own, benefit of luxury, decent performance, cheap to run.... what else is better?

Fully comp on a M sport will cost me £800 a year full comp, pretty cheap at 19 hey?

The only down side to this is, I am restricted to either a 320D/I as the 325 is just too expensive to insure and the 330D is out of the equation all together.

So what do I need to be looking at when buying one of these? If I could get a diesal, I would - better performance and MPG, TAX is still dirt cheap also at like £175?

I've got a budget in mind, no more than £9k really.

I have seen a few M sports for sale, full leather with decent milage on the clocks going for £7.5k-£8.5k so I think I could definitely find something I want within my price range.

Do these have any common problems etc?

many thanks