Morning guys & gals.

I've been floating around the forum for a few weeks now whilst I've been waiting for my existing car to sell, which it it did yesterday for a rather handsome price. Coming from a host of sports cars the prospect of buying a diesel estate is quite scary but prospect but the bun in the wifes oven won't allow me to keep a two door GTI

Currently then I am without vehicle and I am on the look out for a 57 plate onward 320d M-Sport or possibly a 330d M-Sport if a nice one comes along before the other. I already have a Blu-fin handset to load a remap on which will be the case if I get a 320d but I don't think I'll bother if I end up with a 330d?
I'm going to look at this tomorrow (The Car Specialists - Prestige and performance used car dealer in Sheffield) and I'm looking for a few opinion son value, spec etc before I go. I'm aiming to get them down to the book price for a non-franchise dealer of £10,500. Does it seem reasonable value for the spec, mileage etc? From a dealer I didn't think it was bad going on what I've seen over the last month or so. I'm in no rush and silver wasn't my first colour choice but I must admit that it looks nice.

Also can anyone tell me what spec is standard on the model I'm looking at. Do they all have auto lights, wipers etc?

I've always been car mad and will be doing a few mods to the BMW when I finally get one. Few pics of my old motors because I can

....I wish.....