Hey everyone,

Thought I'd introduce myself seeing how you have a section for it!

Anyway about me, I'm 19, just finished my second year of university studying Photography at Bath Spa, live in Bath term time and Weymouth is my home town.

Currently drive a Ford Fiesta Mk5 Zetec S, 1.6, mods including GAZ coilovers, full polybush, full exhaust system, camber adjustable arms, spacers and lower strut brace. Took it out on track last year at Castle Combe and Monday just gone. This is going to become a track car for me and my Dad to use.

My ZS by Matthew_Dear, on Flickr

That's my Dad driving and me waving.

I also own a Honda CB600 Hornet, which I fully rebuilt, every nut and bolt, it's my pride and joy! It's still yet to be painted orange, but I had to get it on the road and just enjoy it last year, main modification is a custom dual exhaust, as the 600 only came with a single exhaust

With my current/future profession of Photography, I'm gonna be doing a lot of miles up and down motorways, so I'm looking at getting an E46 320D Touring over the summer, most likely the M Sport model. The much needed extra space for equipment, and much more suited to long journeys, and about 20 extra mpg will be much appreciated! Been looking so far and having very little luck! They all seem to be up north and I'm right down on the south coast.

Why an E46? They look great, good value now, can't think of anything else, and I've spent a while thinking, no hatch floats my boat really. Only thing else was an A4 Avant but they're front wheel drive.

My parents also both own BMWs, my Dad owns an E39 525D Touring M Sport, which he's had from new, and my Mum owns an E36 328i M Sport Cabriolet. So they're in the family!

BMW E39 525d M-Sport Touring by Matthew_Dear, on Flickr

No photos of the E36, but I plan to do something over the summer when we tidy it up (showing its age now, faded plastics etc)

Just to add some E46 photos for you all, here's my friends E46 325i M Sport Cabriolet. A quick drive of this around the car park made me certain I'd like an E46.

Josh Mumford's E46 Cabriolet by Matthew_Dear, on Flickr

Josh Mumford's E46 Cabriolet by Matthew_Dear, on Flickr

Josh Mumford's E46 Cabriolet by Matthew_Dear, on Flickr

More of my work can be seen at www.matthewdear.co.uk, outside of University work I do specialise in Automotive photography. Hopefully it's okay to link to my work etc, I couldn't find anything stating it wasn't, but apologies if it is.

Hopefully get to know you all, start learning, and will get a project thread up once I finally find the right E46!