hi all, im tony, im 23 and from bedfordshire

i am a newbie to the bmw scene, ive always been into my hondas, na or turbo ones, but i think its time to grow up a bit and build a nice bmw, ive always wanted one as my friends are into there bmws

so i got a 1998 bmw 318i s coupe, got it for a good price, but it is very slow lol compared to what i am used to

its pretty much standard, just had a full respray in white, m3 kit, de spoilered, standard wheels sprayed satin black, and black fog lights, indicators and headlights, but im not too sure about it, so i may put it back to standard

couple of pics of her, but not very good ones

ive got a few goodies on the way too, i will get a build up thread started