Hi there I am new to this forum and looking for some advice, I have a BMW 320 D The car was running ok and due a service so i took it to my mecanic and he changed to fuel filter,oilfilter, airfilter it was running great for 2 days i was driving along and the glow plug light came on and it cut out and would not start, then it started and everytime the glowplug light came on it cut out,i looked on here and i thought it was the fuel pump because it would only start when the pump was making a noise so i got a new one and changed it the car run for 5 mins and cut out... my mecanic plugged it in and said it was a fuel presure regulator (the one with the 90 degree angle) i think its the one at the back as the inlet manifold had to come off, so it was changed and i still have the same problem I'm at my witts end with it now after spending hundreds of pounds and being back at square 1. Can anyone out there shed some light! Thanks for taking the time to read this..