This is my first BMW 325ic. great car... my parents used to collect them so not an unknown brand. THis was not alot of money.

This is my do do list;

Seal the faric of the hood mohair (rubber membrain has gone) going to try fabsil

Window drop switch replacement (its a 1994 so switch is in/on the door handle, anyone got one i could buy?)

Floor pan welding needed but going in soon

Rear sceen needs replacing (got that and a trimmer to put it in plus some stiching)

Set of tyres for M sport staggered wheels (recomendations welcome)

Main carpet needs replacing (anyone got one pref in tan or black? )

All leather and door cards need refurb/clean up


I have already found lot of info on here and started to solve alot of the issues. I would like to use and restore this car.

P.S. I will need a hardtop at some point too

Cheers Ben