Today i put 4 new Run Flat tyres on the car ( i know mixed reviews, Wife is about to have Baby so did it purely for safety reasons ) .

After the tyres were fitted we went out and the journey takes us onto a Motorway, I got to approx 70mph when the car started to judder, a small little triangle warning light started to flash, then followed by the ABS light coming on. I had to pull off the Motorway as i couldn't continue. I checked the pressures in a garage and they varied from 40 to 46 PSI, i reduced this to approx and re joined the motorway and all was fine for 10/15miles . On our way home the juddering started again, when i turned traction control off it was however fine.

Then the Engine Management light came on, this stayed on for the remainder of the journey and it is still on when i go out and start the car.

Can anyone please help?

Apologies for it being so long.

Many thanks