BMW 1 Series Convertible. M Sport. White. E88. Newbie needs recomendations?


Thread: BMW 1 Series Convertible. M Sport. White. E88. Newbie needs recomendations?

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  1. BMW 1 Series Convertible. M Sport. White. E88. Newbie needs recomendations? 
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    Currently a 118d M Sport driver but getting this baby from new and hopefully made by early November. I know - a vert in time for xmas in the far north as well.

    Going for the 118d M Sport model with The Black Moonlight top (I think that is the name of the one that comes cw/silver threads that kind of shimmer). I am not certain on the other packages I can afford (below) and was looking for advice.

    1. Decided to have the diesel for the running costs - do any owners out there notice the engine noise more since it is a soft top? The petrol model is affordable but is 20 mpg's less so this helps as I do 12k miles a year.

    2. What is the cheapest xenon package you can go for? I know it wont be cheaper getting a retro fit xenon lights c/w angel eyes as opposed to manufacturer fitted?

    On the standard halogens can the LED eybrow be used as a "day time running light" on it's own - if I can't afford the angel eyes?

    3. On the rear lights it states on the brochure they have LED elements as standard - is that the L shaped units below:

    or are these ones above only if you select the xenon package? The salesman was helpful - but I forgot to ask all these questions.

    4. Was going to go for the storage package where you get cup holders on the centre under the arm rest and a dash board storage area. Is this worth it or can I retro fit just the cup holders?

    5. If any of you have the time - what are the must have optional extras with dealer and retro fit costs please ? My oldest son says he prefers the coupe version - but he is'nt having a mid-life crisis like his old-boy

    • should I upgrade from 17" to 18" wheels - dealer or retro and what is the best price?
    • would additional speakers be better retro (I have pretty good a/v knowledge and was going to put a sub in the boot)?
    • is the USB worth the £95 (I think that is what he said) - I have absolutely no idea what that will provide though? Or should I go for a cheap hands free option (bluetooth) - this I know nothing about - but dont really use my phone in car TBH.
    • is this the longest OP by a newbie ever?

    Sorry guys and gals. Be gentle. Any help appreciated.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum, hopefully someone can assist you with your questions - it might be a good idea to post a technical thread in the relevant technical section, you might get a better response in that section.

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    As a rule of thumb, retrofitting costs at least, often more, than twice the original installation costs.
    Also having a few good options will increase resale value more if factory fitted rather than DIY and make it easier to sell..
    18" wheels will look better but tyres will be more expensive.
    USB will enable you to play your music easier.

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    bigmondy (03-08-2011)

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