Ok, so its a bit late fr an introduction as i,ve been on here for a couple of weeks and already received quite a bit of assistance from this fine community of BMW owners but here goes anyway.

My name is Jamie, I live in Solihull, near Birmingham and currently drive a 2004 316ti Sport in black. Ive not had it long and though I love the car, it has given me quite a few expensive problems! I've already replaced the valvetronic motor as limp mode was becoming a regular occurrence and next on the list is the vacuum pump that it leaking oil and the ccv which appears to have been repaired with what looks like washing machine pipe. Im sure it will be perfect soon but the problems have caused me much heartache and already a severely dented wallet. Not what you want in the long month that is January. Ive also got BMW diagnostic programs on my laptop so if anyone in my area needs a plug in im sure I could help out there!

This is my 4th bmw, In the past ive had an E36 1996 318i SE, an E46 1999 318i SE, an E53 X5 4.4i Sport and now the 316ti. The X5 met a watery end when lets just say I considerably over estimated its ability. Was a very sad say and im not ashamed to say I shed a tear when it was taken away on the truck.

Heres a few pics of my BMW ownership over the past few years.