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  1. Bimmer lover new to the UK! 
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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to the UK BMW scene.. just would like to say hello.

    I hail from Kuala Lumpur, I own an E36 saloon and an E46 convertible, but they're both not with me right now. One my parents are using, and another, I lent to a friend.

    I am now a student in London. I have talked my wife into letting me buy another =P Maybe an E36 convertible, so that I don't miss both my babies too much.

    I borrowed a friend's 525D yesterday for the weekend and we drove to Cornwall. Just reminded me how much life I am missing! So here I am, all day reading about bimmers and not doing any work. So that brings me here.

    Btw, I am trying to find a part number for the push-out mechanism at the fuel door, you know, the one that your push once and it pops open, and you will have access to the fuel tank intake. That "spring" mechanism is broken, I had to literally pry out the door with my car keys to refuel. I'm trying to do something nice for the owner for letting us borrow his ride.

    Which section at the website should I be looking at?

    p/s English is not my first language, please be nice to me! =)

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    Welcome along mate, it's a great forum here!
    Ps, your english is a lot better than some of us lol

    I'm here for a good time not a long time

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