Hi guys,

I'm not exactly new but haven't been on the forum in well over a year. Not since I wrote off my E36 328i (gutted). I currently have a Honda Accord Type-R and it's awesome but I'm looking to sell and buy another BMW. I was after everyones opinions and advice on what to get now (I hope I've posted in the right section for this I did look and couldn't find anywhere better). I'm looking at either an E46 3 series diesel or a E39 5 series diesel (probably a 525d). I was after peoples opinions on which they think is better and things to look out for when buying. I don't have a massive budget so every car I'm looking at is well over the 100k mark. What do you all think of AA/RAC inspections worth it or not? I've never used one before but when I'm looking at a car that's done 140/150k is it a good idea? Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently serving in Afghanistan but I'm due home in the next two weeks. I've been looking on autotrader and pistonheads and found quite a few examples I like. Anyway I look forward to hearing your opinions. Thank you.