Hi everybody, I am new to this forum as I have recently purchased an 04 plate BMW 320d compact although I have had 3no. BMW' s in the past, 2no. 318's & a 120d.

I decided to look into removing the dreaded swirl flaps on my compact. I am in two minds now, as I have read that certain engine nos. have a uprated swirl flap with no screws & made out of plastic? I believe that these flaps were fitted to some models from 2004 onwards. I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on what the engine codes are for these revised engines and whether it is still advisable to remove them.

Should I decide to get them removed, could anybody please recommend a garage or competent mechanic that would undertake this in/or around Caterham, Surrey. S.E.
I would have tackled the job myself 10 years ago but unfortunately do not have the time nowadays, kids eh.

Many Thanks, David Hills