New to the forum but not to BMW!

I have a Mercedes at the moment but want to get back into the BMW fold. I have had E30, E34, E36, E39 models and a Z4 3.0 - 9 in total and all have been great.

Despite the E39 being a fantastic machine, I am looking for something a little newer and have seen this E60 545i Sport (although it says M Sport, I did not think the M Sport came until a few years later?) for sale. I love the look of them and this is a 2 owner and a rare manual which suits me - someone said that there are only 8 models registered in the UK of this same model / spec?

Sovereign Trading

I am up to speed on the issues surrounding the cars I have listed (they were all straight 6 powered) but I do not have as much knowledge about the V8 or the E60.

Are there any issues, surrounding the usual you would check on any car and do you think this price is reasonable - I was thinking something more along the lines of £9,500.

Thanks and looking forward to changing back to BMW!