Hi Guys , can you help me with an Auto box that is behaving a bit strange. Couple of weeks ago whilst on motorway keeping up with traffic at 75, the car appeared to miss fire a couple of times, my local garage recommended I change the MAF sensor which I was awaiting to be delivered when a maybe unrelated problem has risen, beside the gear selector indicator a symbol came up that has an exclamation mark with a gear round it , something to do with limp mode or heat in gear box. Anyway, something happened today whilst out and about , I lost all drive,revs went high and just got slower, mechanic turned up started her up and all was well, fortunately garage 1 mile down road and it done it again loss of power, he diagnostic checked all electrics and all was working fine, he said gear box appears to be issue and it has disintegrated and blocking a filter. My question is does the symptoms sound familiar and can I change this filter or doing anything to try before I she'll out a fortune which may see us part company and I really don't want that. If it is mechanical then why if I turn it off for say 10 mins I can get drive, all goes well for a bit then loss of power again. Any help or suggestions, much appreciated.